Etiquette When Eating in Cafes and Pubs

There are many lunchtime meals which you can take in the cafe or pub near you. As much as these places provide good food, the employees always say they wish people would have more etiquette when eating.

Understanding the Etiquette

  • One coffee or drink per hour: There is an unwritten rule when you are using the cafe or pub space, that you should be ordering drinks or at least a meal, as you sit in their premises. It is unfair for them to have a group of people filling chairs and watching games without ordering.
  • Be mindful of others: Do not be too loud when having conversations on your phone. Have some phone etiquette, and if possible, put your phone on silent mode until you are done with your meal. Another rule for being considerate is that when you are watching a game at a pub while having your lunch, then you should think about the people around you. Respect that they may be supporting an opposing team, and do not get offended when your team seems to be losing. At the same time, do not gloat when your side is winning.
  • Keep public displays of affection to the minimum: Publicly making out or fondling when you are in a cafe is regarded as rude. This is because cafes sometimes attract children, plus it is generally uncomfortable for the people around you.
  • Take care of your belongings: It is inconsiderate to leave your belongings unattended when you are in cafes and pubs. This puts more responsibility on the waiters and other staff members who also have to attend to other customers. Take care of your computers, wallet and other valuables when you are eating.
  • Do not abuse the free internet: Some people make it a habit to go to cafes and pubs to download massive documents and movies, just because the internet is free. This makes the WiFi extremely slow for other users and even workers at the establishment who want to use the internet to run their activities.
  • Ask about pets: Unless the cafe or pub specifically indicates that customers can go with their pets, you should leave your animals at home. This is so that you do not affect other people who might have allergies or get animal hair on food items which they are eating.

Having proper etiquette makes the waiters and other staff members have an easier time serving you. It does not cost anything to have good conduct.