Can Pub and Café Chains Offer an Exclusive Experience?

Highly rated pubs and cafés are not just in the business of feeding people. Fantastic atmosphere and good experiences are the indivisible recipes which most pubs and cafés use to keep visitors coming back.

Pub and café chains sometimes struggle to offer a truly unique and authentic experience, which leads many to avoid them. We will have a look at some of the chains which still have managed to create an intimate and unique atmosphere, that could make the place worth a visit after all.

Best Pub and Café Chains for an Exclusive Experience

O’Neill’s: This is an Irish pub chain which has provoked some of the best reactions from guests in the UK for offering a great time out and good food. The chain has 49 locations around the UK and has been translating meal times into high-quality culinary experiences. O’Neill’s is a subsidiary of Mitchells & Butlers; one of the biggest operators of pubs, restaurants, and bars in the UK. Dishes at O’Neill’s are designed to go with beer and whiskey, which they offer extensive selections of.

Chef and Brewer: The chain has planted several uniquely traditional pubs in 127 attractive locations in the UK. Bring your loved ones to Chef and Brewer pubs for great meals with handpicked wines. The steak at Chef and Brewer is lovely, and the sweet potato fries really tops it off. This chain is also famous for being pet-friendly and even serves pet delicacies.

Food & Fuel Pubs: In central London, Food & Fuel have set up 11 unique food shrines, all with the same concept. They are dedicated to providing excellent entertainment along with delicious food, wines, and beers. They serve portions of heavy dishes with exceptional taste to blend with their exclusive selection of beer.

Yates: There aren’t many ages-old pubs still standing in the North of England today. Yates is one of the few ones left. It is a leading British pub chain with over 690 pubs and bars all over the region. Yates pubs offer iconic bar and restaurant services, day and night. Make sure to try one of their famous savoury meals.