It’s 11:45, you’re sitting at your desk. Your stomach starts to grumble, reminding you that it’s that time of day again-time to take a break and enjoy a meal. You then realise that the lunch that you should be unwrapping and getting ready to dive into is sitting on your kitchen counter at home. Or maybe it’s a different scenario; perhaps it’s the middle of the week, and you are bored with your same salad three days in. Either way, it’s time to re-think lunch. This blog is your portal is to all things lunch! Where to go, what to eat, what’s hot and what’s trending, and the importance of lunch.

Where to Go

The decision of where to go for lunch can be a daunting one. Different considerations can and will help you pick the perfect place to go for lunch:

  • What’s the occasion? Is it impromptu Wednesday lunch out or is it a birthday or office lunch? Is it a girls day out or a job interview? There are lots of occasions for lunch. In order to consider where to go for lunch, you must first know the occasion.
  • Who is going? Is it a two-person intimate lunch or a large group affair? Is it you and your family, or is it your big group of friends? Are there any friends with accessibility issues? Are there dietary restrictions? Are there any children in your group? Considering who your demographic is and what their needs, wants, and preferences are. Also consider which restaurants can accommodate the size of your group, especially if it’s a large group.
  • What to eat? Breakfast, brunch and dinner always get the spotlight when it comes for going out for meals, but lunch does have so much to offer. Lunch is the best of both worlds, you can get a diverse range of foods for lunch. Cafes are great options if you want something lighter and a cuter atmosphere. Cafes are also more intimate but offer great sandwiches, soups and salads. These are also usually more affordable options. Pubs are a casual option that ranges from the most casual Irish pub to gastro pubs with the more upscale fare. Lunch offers an abundance of food options, which leads us to the next question:
  • What’s Trending?

Food trends come and go, and they are always changing. Here are some cool lunch trends in terms of cafes and restaurants, some of which you can read about in this blog:

  • Food trucks; these have been around for a long time, and many people may associate these dining facilities with things like fries, hot dogs and hamburgers. Today, however, food trucks have broken that mould. There are thousands of types of food trucks that exist today. These are also a very popular way to eat in this day and age. There are food trucks for Mexican street food all the way to German sandwiches and even a resurgence of the ever- loved ice cream truck. Some food trucks travel from place to place, and others have their wheels planted permanently in one location.
  • Cafes; cafes are a tried and true way of and place to go for quick, easy and reliable meals and bites. Often when we think of cafes, we think of coffee and pastries, but the increase in popularity of and demand for cafes have lead to a significant increase in the amount of and the look and feel of cafes all over the world. Many cafes draw inspiration from other parts of the world and can be a great place to get a peek into another culture. There is also a diverse range of themes of cafes from your typical French-inspired café serving top-notch lattes all the way to things like cat cafes where you can sip your coffee or eat your lunch with some local rescue cats. Within this resurgence of the café as a lunch spot, there are trends in terms of people looking for local ingredients, fresh food as well as healthy drinks such as pressed juice, kombucha and other new and tasty options.
  • Gastropubs; you know about pubs with big booths, a lot of wood, dark lighting and a homely feel but gastropubs have taken the traditional pub and dressed it up. Gastropubs are typically characterised by their fresh ingredients, rotating menu items, and unique flavours. Gastropubs are an excellent option for lunch, no matter the occasion.

Finding the Perfect Lunch Spot

Undoubtedly finding a lunch spot can as mentioned, be a daunting task. This site is a great resource to help you make the decision easier. Some other great ways and resources for finding your perfect lunch pub or café include:

  • Online reviews; reading reviews on trusted sites and review platforms is a great way to get some insight into what a pub or café is like in terms of everything from atmosphere, to the food to the service. This helps get an idea of what to expect and what other people have liked or disliked. It is, however, important to remember these reviews are subjective opinions and not fact and should serve as one of several points of reference when choosing a place to eat.
  • Friends, family and peers; asking people you know that have been to a given restaurant, pub or café can be another great way to get some insight into what a place is like and what can be expected when you visit.
  • Social media; another great outlet and platform for checking out pubs, restaurants and cafes are social media. You can visit the page or account of the actual establishment, or you can see tagged photos of the pub or café and photos that other people have shared for a realistic picture as well. This can be helpful for most local venues and also especially helpful for establishments that may be in places that you are travelling to or for places that may be new to you or if you do not understand a language, etc.